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Minutes prior to tsunami hits Indonesia

Here are the exclusive photographs show the latest moments prior to tsunami hits Indonesia’s Java, July 17, 15.30 p.m.


Source: Asia Tech Weblog


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Death toll from tsunami nears 670, more than 74,000 displaced

PANGANDARAN, West Java (AP): The death toll from the Indonesian tsunami rose to 668 as reports of fatalities came in from remote villages along Java’s battered southern coast, the government said. Another 287 people are missing and 74,100 have beendisplaced.

Drajat Santosa, a National Disaster Management Coordinating Board official, said around a hundred bodies had been found over the past 72 hours in parts of Ciamis district.

Five foreigners are among the dead and a French national is missing, he said Saturday.

A magnitude 7.7 earthquake triggered Monday’s tsunami, which pummeled a 300-kilometer (nearly 200-mile) stretch of coastline, destroying houses, restaurants and hotels. The two-meter (six-foot) -high waves tossed boats, cars and motorbikes hundreds of meters (yards) inland.

Source: The Jakarta Post

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Tsunami death toll hits 341

The death toll from Monday’s tsunami that ravaged beach resorts and fishing villages along the southern coast of Java reached 341 Tuesday, with at least 229 people reported missing.

Vice President Jusuf Kalla, speaking after a Cabinet meeting Tuesday afternoon, also said 80 people were injured and more than 40,000 displaced in the aftermath of the tsunami, which was triggered by a 6.8-magnitude undersea earthquake off the coast Monday afternoon.

At least three foreigners from Japan, Belgium and Sweden were confirmed killed, he said. Five Saudi Arabians were reportedly injured.

Presidential spokesman Andi Alfian Mallarangeng said President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had postponed a planned visit to worst-affect Pangandaran, West Java, and Cilacap, Central Java, which was tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, because he first wanted to monitor the latest developments.

“We haven’t decided the date of the visit yet. The President wants to monitor the developments,” Andi was quoted as saying by Antara newswire.

No warnings were reported ahead of the four-meter-high waves, despite regional efforts to establish early warning systems after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that left about 230,000 dead or missing, including 170,000 in Nanggroe Aceh Darrusalam. The system is currently only in place in Sumatra.

But experts believe many residents and tourists, recognizing the signs of the tsunami from reports about Aceh, fled to higher ground as the sea receded before huge waves came crashing ashore.

“When the waves came, I heard people screaming and then I heard something like a plane about to crash nearby, and I just ran,” Uli Sutarli, a plantation worker who was on Pangandaran beach, told Reuters.

The waves flung cars, motorbikes and boats into hotels and storefronts, flattened homes and restaurants, and flooded rice fields up to 500 meters from the sea along a stretch of the densely populated coastline.

In Bandung, the West Java provincial administration declared a seven-day emergency phase to help speed up handling of the disaster.

In Cilacap, the spokesman for the local regency administration, Adi Nugroho, said 89 people were declared dead and 49 others missing as of Tuesday afternoon, while in the adjacent city of Kebumen, seven died and 46 were missing.

Most of the victims were farmers who were tending their fields near the coast, people at nearby food stalls or livestock handlers in the area, Adi said.

In Yogyakarta, three people were confirmed dead — two from Drini coast in Gunung Kidul and another person in Parangtritis, Bantul. Two fishermen were declared missing after last being seen fishing at Samas beach off Bantul, which was devastated by an earthquake on May 27.

Based on Kebumen regency data, up to 467 fishing boats at Ayah coast were damaged, while 150 were affected in Yogyakarta.

Source: The Jakarta Post

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Indonesia tsunami toll 105

PANGANDARAN, Indonesia – Rescuers picked through debris on Indonesia’s Java island on Tuesday, searching for survivors a day after a tsunami killed at least 105 people.

Officials said nearly 130 people were still missing after Monday’s huge waves, triggered by an undersea earthquake, crashed into Java’s southern coast, washing away buildings, wooden cottages and kiosks lining the shoreline facing the Indian Ocean.

“The search for victims is still going on. We will search for bodies and possible survivors,” Diding, an official from the worst-hit area, Pangandaran, told Reuters. “This morning the TNI (military) troops and other volunteers have arrived.”

Metro TV reported several bodies were found in trees after waves up to 1.5 metres (five feet) high waves pummelled Pangandaran beach near the town of Ciamis, 270 km (170 miles) southeast of Jakarta.

News of the disaster spread panic across a region still recovering from the December 2004 tsunami in which nearly 230,000 people were killed or reported missing, mostly in Indonesia.

But there were no reports of casualties or damage in any other country from Monday’s tsunami.

Many people returned to salvage their belongings such as boat engines and clothes from the wreckage of their homes after the tsunami, which destroyed fishing boats and damaged cafes, motels and restaurants about 500 metres from the coastline.

Pangandaran, the area that bore the brunt of the tsunami, is a popular local tourist spot with many small hotels on the beach. It is close to a nature reserve.

Source: Reuters

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Strong Quake Rocks Indonesia: Map


Indonesia : Graphic locating the epicentre of an earthquake that struck Indonesia, after five people were killed when a tsunami hit buildings near the epicentre on the south coast of Java island Monday (AFP).

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Tsunami and Quake Indonesia

So, it’s official the quake which spur a tidal wave in south of Bandung, West Java is called Tsunami. No less than Presiden SBY (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono) himself says this. In his meet-the-press, the Indonesian president along with VP Jusuf Kalla regarding the quake and tsunami says that for the time being five people are dead.

Source: Blogger Indonesia

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Indonesia’s tsunami warning on Australia’s Christmas and Cocos islands

The earthquake had triggered a tsunami warning on Indonesia’s Java and Sumatra islands and Australia’s Christmas and Cocos islands.

“There is a possibility of a destructive local tsunami in the Indian Ocean,” Japan’s Meteorological Agency said in a statement.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a similar bulletin.

Indonesia is prone to earthquakes because of its location on the so-called Pacific “Ring of Fire,” an arc of volcanoes and fault lines encircling the Pacific Basin.

The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami killed at least 216,000 people, nearly half of them in Indonesia’s Aceh province.

On May 27, a magnitude-5.9 earthquake devastated a large swath of Java Island, killing more than 5,800 people.


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